Replacing the internal battery of a Yamaha V50.
After removing the backpanel, you see a large green board. Unscrew this board and carefully mark the connectors with a black marker, before you pull out the connectors, so you remember where they belong. Then tilt it so you can see the component side, with the yellow battery in the middle.

Now I used a small soldering iron (20W for example) to unsolder the old battery. I decided not to put the new battery in the same place, but to solder new wires on the board so i can place the battery in an easier accessible place. That way the green board can stay in it's place the next time a new battery is needed. I marked the polarity of the battery on the board with a marker, just after removing the old battery. I reconnected the white connectors carefully and screwed the green board back to it's place. Then i soldered the new wires at the back of the green board.

The new soldered wires. The + polarity is on the right:

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