News Item: Synthstudiodevries goes 64-bit and Arturia Jupiter-8V
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Posted by starbert
Thursday 28 August 2014 - 11:43:51

After years of working with my trusty pentium 4 PC under windows XP, it became time for a newer and faster computer. The old PC could not keep up anymore with the newer software (especially under win7), so now i have a HP Z400 workstation quadcore XEON, with 12gb internal memory, under my fingertips. I also switched to Win7 64-bit. For the next few years to come, this is a very nice system!
Since I have a faster computer now, it is also possible to use some heavier plugin synths and so today I purchased Arturia's Jupiter-8V. This is a very nice plugin, resembling Roland's Jupiter 8. Now I finally can hear why the Jupiter 8 is so praised and whether the 2nd hand prices (5000-8000 euro) that are asked for it, are justified. Of course software is never 100% identical to hardware, but I think that few will hear the difference. For the discountprice of 50 euros, because of Arturia's 15 years anniversary, you can't go wrong!

So, let's have a ball with the Jupiter 8V!

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