News Item: Rob Papen Blue II synth-plugin
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Posted by starbert
Wednesday 05 November 2014 - 16:23:36

This week I received a nice gift from a friend: the Rob Papen Blue II synthesizer plugin. A great synth with a loooooot of possibilities:
It is a 6-operator fm synth with:

-free definable algorithms
-sample playback
-oldfashioned subtractive synthesis with two fat filters
-4 independent effect processors
-Etc. etc.

Truly a great synth, with elements from the good old days of the Wavestation, SY22/TG33, maybe a bit of PPG and of course the Yamaha FM synths from the DX series, but with more possibilities. Some parts of Blue II look a little like the Alesis Fusion, with free algorithms and for example the 20 modulation slots (the Fusion even has 32). The first sounds I played were very nice pads, which I immediately fell in love with. Blue II also has nice moving sounds, quite to my taste! It has a very varied soundpalette, from beautiful analog sounds to percussive sounds to fat basses and dreamy pads, for example. Just like my favorite synth, the Alesis Fusion, there is a nice raw edge to the sounds, which can be adjusted very subtle, using the many parameters.
A TOP synth and thanks Rob!

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